© 2019 by Emir Gómez Farah. All rights reserved.


In the liquid world in which we live, our humanity gradually fades away. At that point, we only have the longing for human warmth.This desire that manifests poetically in the 'Terraine Vague', buildings that are stopped over time and economies. These buildings bring with them an imaginary, an essence that can not be devoid of temporality.

My work emphasizes this progressive loss of the human element and at the same time claims its existence. These fragments, sediments of history, are reflected through the contrast between light and dark, between rust and neatness, between the material and immaterial that is expressed in the thoroughness of my brushstrokes.

It is a call to reflection, if technology, capitalism and the acceleration of these times are leading us to a better path or are simply mechanizing us, turning cold relationships and our smooth surfaces, where moments bounce us and this is reflected from the human relationships themselves to the forms of contemporary expression.